DQMH 3.0 is Released!


We are pleased to announce the release of DQMH Toolkit 3.0 to the LabVIEW Tools Network (LVTN).

The new features and improvements in DQMH 3.0 were based on our own experience using the toolkit, the great feedback we received from people using DQMH 2.0, and the feedback from DQMH 3.0 beta testers.

You can read the complete DQMH 3.0 release notes for more details.

If you click the refresh button on your VIPM, you should see that there is a new version of Delacor QMH ( If this is not showing up yet on your end, in the mean time, you can download the DQMH 3.0 pre-release version vipc (After downloading the file, just right-click on the DQMH-3.0-pre-release.vipc and select “Apply Configuration”).

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the DQMH Toolkit please ensure that you upgrade the Delacor QMH package, and it will take care of upgrading all of the toolkit dependencies.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Delacor Toolkits forum.

If you have enjoyed using the DQMH toolkit, please don’t forget to add your review and share your experience with your LabVIEW friends.

Happy wiring,

The Delacor Team


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