Software Architecture Design

Our customers get the best value from our services when they involve us early in their LabVIEW and TestStand projects. We design a custom software architecture that ensures your project will be easy to maintain, support and grow as it becomes larger and more complex. We design your next project’s architecture from the ground up and work together with your software team through the implementation phase.

Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design Services

Best Practices Training and Implementation

If you already have a team of LabVIEW or TestStand developers, we work with them to implement industry-standard best practices and processes. We have extensive experience implementing processes to organize and efficiently reuse code, deploying maintenance strategies, and using source code control solutions. We can develop documented coding style guidelines and implement customized VI Analyzer test suites to track your compliance against these guidelines helping you measure and improve overall code quality.

Custom VI Analyser Tests

Custom VI Analyzer Tests

Let our team of Certified Architects set up your revision control and reuse library management systems and train your staff, saving countless hours and giving them the benefit of over thirty years of industry experience.

Custom Training

Delacor develops and delivers a custom training curriculum specific to your organization’s needs. We offer training ranging from basic LabVIEW programming skills through developing, deploying and maintaining very large scale applications. In addition to training teams, we work one-on-one with engineers who have taken the standard LabVIEW training and need help applying it to their area of expertise. We work with them to understand their own applications and the rationale behind past design decisions. We use techniques such as pair programming to implement software best practices in their applications while teaching how to apply these concepts in their future work. For those interested in taking the NI CLD or CLA certification exams, we also offer custom coaching sessions to improve their chances of obtaining a passing grade.

Hardware Integration and Design

We recommend the best off-the-shelf hardware for your application, but sometimes the best solution requires some custom hardware. We can design, prototype and build custom measurement and control solutions to match your application. For customers that are developing products of their own, we also offer hardware design consulting services. We can review your schematics, layout and bill of materials to optimize cost and performance. We can derive specifications, write theory of operation documents and develop test plans to ensure your product can easily scale from an in-house prototype to larger production runs with high yields and minimal field returns.

Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design Services


Highest level of Certified LabVIEW proficiency

Ground-up hardware design services

New product hardware and software design consulting

Software design and development

LabVIEW Toolkit design and development

Enterprise-grade test data management solutions