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[Edit December 4, 2016] The DQMH Beta is over. DQMH 3.0 is available via the LabVIEW Tools Network or VIPM. We are leaving the Delacor Library Duplicator and the Delacor Event Scripter toolkits in Beta state. 

Visit the DQMH 3.0 Release notes to learn about all the new features and updates for this release.

[Edit September 23, 2016] More details on how to create your own DQMH Templates can be found in this post in our support group at

But wait, there is more! We have included all the new features of DQMH 3.0 as well as two new product previews: The Delacor Event Scripter and the Delacor Library Duplicator.

    • Delacor Event Scripter: Allows you to create User Events for non-DQMH projects. This is not fully documented yet, but here is a video (without sound) with the steps to follow.


    • Delacor Library Duplicator: When you launch this tool from the project window, you can point to a source library on disk (.lvlib or .lvclass), and specify the name of the new library and where you want to save it. The tool will create a copy of the library and update all VIs to have new icons (with a banner that is optionally set by the user).  All of the VIs will have instances of the old library name replaced with the new name in (1) VI Descriptions, (2) VI Titles, (3) free labels, and (4) control/indicator captions.

You can find the complete list of release notes here.

We are looking for your feedback on the new features and the new products. Let us know what you like, what we need to change and of course, if you find any issues while using this code. We have been using this version for the last couple of months and feel it is pretty solid. We are not releasing it yet, because we want to update the documentation and we still need to update the shipping examples. We are also working on an extra feature that is not quite ready yet: being able to use a cloneable module as a singleton out of the box.

Happy wiring!

The Delacor Team

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