Announcing DQMH 4.0 Beta


Update April 24, 2018: New DQMH 4.0 available for download via the LabVIEW Tools Network or VIPM. The Release notes have been updated.

We have been busy implementing several of the requests you have sent to us either by direct contact or via the DQMH forum at NI. We also continue to eat our own dog food as we use DQMH in our own internal projects. We have been using DQMH 4.0 internally for a while and even shared the Beta version with some of you already. The feedback from our Beta testers has made DQMH 4.0 even better and ensures that we continue to honor the quest for the best Developer Experience (DX). Keep the feedback coming, and you can always add your DQMH feature request via the DQMH feature requests document on the DQMH forum.

Below is a preview of DQMH 4.0

This video that explains how to validate and automatically fix your DQMH modules made with DQMH 3.0 or earlier.

And here is a preview of the DQMH tools for LabVIEW RT.


Happy wiring,



11 responses to “Announcing DQMH 4.0 Beta”

  1. […] you and what not so much. Just be aware that this is still a work-in-progress. The code is based on DQMH 4.0, so don’t forget to update your DQMH to the latest version if you haven’t done so […]

  2. Bjarne Jørgensen Avatar
    Bjarne Jørgensen


    What is the plan for releasing DQMH v.4.0?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Fabiola De la Cueva Avatar
      Fabiola De la Cueva

      Hi Bjarne,

      The only thing missing right now is updating the documentation to include the new features. We would like to wait until we have updated the new sections before releasing via the LabVIEW Tools Network.


  3. Arvin Avatar

    Hi, DQMH3.0 is already very good. After download the 4.0, I can’t install the vipc throught VIPM.

    1. Fabiola De la Cueva Avatar
      Fabiola De la Cueva

      Hi Arvin,

      What version of VIPM are you using?
      When you download the vipc, right click on it and select Apply Configuration, what error are you getting?


  4. Thomas Liebenau Avatar
    Thomas Liebenau


    i used today the rename DQMH event function the 1st time. It works almost, except the message handling loop in the module isn’t updated accordingly. Is this the expected behaviour?

    with best regards,

    1. Fabiola De la Cueva Avatar
      Fabiola De la Cueva

      Hi Thomas,

      We decided not to modify the Message Handler case structure because there is not always an exact match between a request name and a message case in the case structure. There often is, but many times we have:

      1. Removed the scripted case completely from the case structure because we didn’t need it (i.e. we call another message from the new request)
      2. Renamed the scripted case because we decided on a more general case name that might be executed from multiple places
      3. Call the message case associated with the renamed event in multiple places, not just in the renamed event case

      We decided that it wasn’t worth the risk of breaking existing running code by messing with the name of the message case. When you rename an event, callers are safe because the event is fired via subVI calls. When you rename a message frame, callers are not safe because the message frame is specified via string constants.

      If you would like for us to change this approach, feel free to add your request via our support forum:


  5. badgerpaintball Avatar

    I am having an issue with the latest Beta and the Validate Module tool. For all my modules, when I try to run the tool, the progress bar gets almost to the end, and then freezes. I let it sit for 15 minutes and it did not move. Hitting ‘Cancel’ does not do anything, I need to kill LabVIEW via the Task Manager.

    My modules were created in the latest version of 3.0, and/or 3.1. These modules are being used in “production” without any issue.

    Are there any error logs I can check to see what the issue is?

    1. Fabiola De la Cueva Avatar
      Fabiola De la Cueva

      Hi badgerpaintball,

      This should not be happening, is there a chance you could send us one of your modules so we could validate what is going on?

      I will contact you via direct message.


      1. Fabiola De la Cueva Avatar
        Fabiola De la Cueva

        I just wanted to clarify for future readers that we contacted badgerpaintball and we were able to fix the issue they were experiencing. The fix is present in the released version of DQMH 4.0 available via the LabVIEW Tools Network.

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