DQMH 4.2 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Package Versions

  • Delacor QMH
  • Delacor QMH Event Scripter
  • Delacor QMH Palette (no changes for DQMH 4.2 patch 1)
  • Delacor QMH Project Template
  • Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Example

Major new features

  1. Make My Cloneable Module.lvlib:Start Module.vi be non-reentrant.
  2. Add a comment to the diagram of Start Module.vi explaining why it needs to be non-reentrant.
  3. Add a validate+fixer to make the Start Module.vi in a cloneable module be non-reentrant.
  4. Update the validate+fixer for marking request VIs reentrant to ignore the Start Module VI.
  5. Make the Start Module.vi for the cloneable module in the DQMH shipping example be non-reentrant.