DQMH 2.0 Release Notes

Install package named “Delacor QMH” (delacor_lib_dqmh_toolkit-

This package will install/upgrade the following packages and in the case of LabVIEW 2015, will force the mass compile of all VIs in packages:

  • Delacor QMH Palette (delacor_lib_qmh-
  • Delacor QMH Project Template (delacor_lib_qmh_project_template-
  • Delacor QMH Event Scripter (delacor_lib_delacor_qmh_event_scripter-
  • Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Examples (delacor_lib_qmh_temperature_chamber_examples-

Release Notes:

  1. Added “Rename DQMH Module” utility to Tools>>Delacor>>DQMH
  2. Added ability for custom names for singleton and cloneable modules when creating a new DQMH project from the Create Project dialog.
  3. Addressed possible race condition during Main.vi initialization. The module was not ready to receive requests until the Initialize Data and Initialize┬áPanel had been enqueued and the Queue was ready to receive other requests. Internally, we would encourage developers to not send any requests until the “Module Did init” broadcast would had been received. However once others started using the template, we saw that this was not enforceable and a race condition could happen if the developers sent a request before the module was ready. Also NI QMH Project Template did combine the three initialize messages into one to address a possible race condition there as well in LabVIEW 2015. The fix to DQMH modules consisted in:
    1) Moved the Synchronize Caller Events.vi out of the Init.vi and into the Initialize case in the MHL (and into the Error outer case in Main.vi) for both Singleton and Cloneable modules.
    2) Combined Initialize, Initialize Data and Initialize Panel into a single Initialize case.
    3) Added support code to implement wait for module to stop functionality in Stop Module.vi. This required the creation of Handle Exit.vi that is called in the Exit case in the MHL. Moved Did Stop.vi into Close.vi to be called after the module had stopped. For the cloneable module, moved all the code that keeps the first clone alive to be done inside the Close.vi.
  4. VIPM was not really mass compiling VIs after installing in LabVIEW 2015 (despite showing in the status report that it was doing so). Report has been raised with JKI and recorded as Case 16809. In the mean time added post install code to force mass compiling of DQMH VIs after installing on LabVIEW 2015.
  5. Changed the order of the merge error input terminals in the event requests/broadcasts templates.


  1. Added code that disables the rename and ‘do something’ options in the 2nd page of the DQMH project template dialog if the required Event Scripter package is not installed.
  2. Fixed tabbing behavior in 2nd page of DQMH project template dialog.
  3. Added “Module Name” to the Error Reported Argument–cluster.ctl for both Singleton and Cloneable modules.
  4. Fixed Broadcast Events–cluster.ctl that had the Error Reported event referencing a non type def argument.
  5. Removed Library property call from Application Name–constant.vi (this property is not available in exe).
  6. Added changing the Window Title for the Application Main to use the Application Name–constant.vi to be consistent with the DQMH modules.
  7. Updated the documentation for the Module Name–constant and the Application Name–constant VIs to not include that the VIs return the library name.
  8. Put the show block diagram property inside a conditional diagram disable to indicate that only works in development mode.
  9. Changed the order of the merge error input terminals in all Request/Broadcast Events VI wrappers that could lead to missing the original error.
  10. Made Application.lvlib:Main.vi public.
  11. Renamed Application.lvlib support virtual folder to Private and made it private.
  12. Disabled automatic error handling from Show Diagram.
  13. Cleaned up diagrams, few cosmetic changes to block diagrams.
  14. Updated shipping examples to use new version.

Documentation updates:

  1. Changed version to
  2. Added version history to the top of the documentation describing changes.
  3. Added link from change history to the new section.
  4. Added documentation information regarding new tool to rename existing DQMH Modules. Added item to Table of Contents as well.
  5. Replaced the video link in the documentation with http://bit.ly/DelacorQMH to point to the YouTube playlist.
  6. Corrected typos (we had several Singeltons instead of Singletons).
  7. Made sure new images were listed as part of the project documentation.