Brian Powell

LabVIEW Champion logoBrian worked at National Instruments for 26 years and was a key member of the LabVIEW software development team since LabVIEW 1.1. As a Software Architect, he led the design of dozens of different features for each major release, and is intimately familiar with the software development process. He led many initiatives to improve software engineering processes to allow his team to efficiently grow from a few developers to a large team. Brian also took on the role of Field Architect, establishing relationships with key customers to improve their LabVIEW proficiency and help their software teams grow while not losing efficiency. After leaving NI, Brian was Director of Engineering at Athenahealth, leading teams that developed cloud-based healthcare systems. Later, he was VP of Engineering for The Zebra, a growing startup. Currently, he is the CEO of Stravaro, LLC, an engineering and management consulting company.

Throughout his career, Brian has focused on growing strong software teams. At Delacor, we draw on Brian’s vast experience as a Software Developer, Manager and Architect. He is our advisor and friend, as well as our “Minister of Fun”.