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DQMH won one of the 2016 LabVIEW Tools Network Product of the Year – 2016


Our Blog

YouTube Channel

Delacor Youtube Channel

Our Youtube channel contains a wealth of useful videos from past presentations, and some in-depth training material for the Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH). For example, this 10 minute video provides an introduction to the DQMH:


NI Week Presentations

About Delacor – Software Tools Network Alliance Day Keynote – NI Week 2017

Saving Money by Investing in Technical Wealth

Improving Code Quality and Team Efficiency

DQMH – Decisions Behind the Design

Understanding Test System Performance 5 Tips to Modularize, Reuse and Organize your Developer Chaos

Curing Cancer: Using a Modular Approach to Ensure the Safe and Repeatable Production of Medicine

Don’t Panic: LabVIEW Developer’s Guide to TestStand

Save Time and Money with Unit Testing

How to Polish Your Software and Development Process to Wow your End Users

A Scalable Plug-In Architecture for Monitoring Distributed Real-Time Applications

CLA Summit Presentations

CLA Summit 2018 at Madrid: How to Train your Monkey, a LabVIEW Scripting Guide

CLA Summit 2017 at Vienna: Technical Debt vs Technical Wealth

CLA Summit 2016 at Berlin: Complementary Architectures in LabVIEW and TestStand

CLA Summit 2016 at Berlin: Architectural Journey from 1.0 to 2.0

CLA Summit 2016 at Austin: Improving Developer Experience (DX)

CLA Summit 2015 at Rome: To Model or Not to Model

CLA Summit 2015 at Austin: Five Tips to Modularize-Reuse-Organize-and Bring Order to your Development Chaos

CLA Summit 2014 at CERN: How Unit Testing Saves Time Money And Sanity

CLA Summit 2013 at Paris: Separating Public and Private Communications in Your QMH

CLA Summit 2013 at Austin: The Little Things


IEEE Tech Insider Webinar: Save Time and Money with Unit Testing

Visiting presenter at CERN (March, 2017): Technical Debt vs Technical Wealth

Hardware Technical Articles

If you are considering engaging us to do hardware consulting, these are some articles written by Luis, our hardware design expert.  Although these focus on optical measurements, this is just one of his many subjects of interest and expertise.  Be sure to talk to us about your own needs!

Synchronous Detectors Facilitate Precision, Low-Level Measurements

Programmable Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers Maximize Dynamic Range in Spectroscopy Systems

Optimizing Precision Photodiode Sensor Circuit Design

Dual-Channel Colorimeter with Programmable Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers and Synchronous Detectors

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