Announcing DQMH 4.0


We have been busy implementing several of the requests you have sent to us either by direct contact or via the DQMH forum at NI. We also continue to use DQMH in our own internal projects. We have been using DQMH 4.0 internally for a while and even shared the Beta version with some of you already. The feedback from our Beta testers has made DQMH 4.0 even better and ensures that we continue to honor the quest for the best Developer Experience (DX). Keep the feedback coming, and you can always add your DQMH feature request via the DQMH feature requests document on the DQMH forum.

Main new features:

You can find the complete release notes here

Download DQMH 4.0 via VIPM or the LabVIEW Tools Network. Watch the video below for a quick tour of the changes and how to upgrade your existing DQMHmodules to 4.0.

Happy wiring,

The Delacor team and Fab

2 responses to “Announcing DQMH 4.0”

  1. Thomas Liebenau Avatar
    Thomas Liebenau

    Hi all,

    i just wanted to create a child class from Delacor_lib_QMH_Message Queue.lvclass to extend its functionality.
    But when i try to access the queue, i get an error that the type definition for then queue element can’t be found. The Context help for the element shows the name for the typedef:
    ‘Delacor_lib_QMH_Message Queue.lvclass:Message–cluster.ctl’

    But in the class i can only find this typedef:
    ‘Delacor_lib_QMH_Message Queue.lvclass:Delacor_lib_QMH_Message–cluster.ctl’

    When inspecting e.g. “Delacor_lib_QMH_Flush” i can see the name
    ‘Message Queue.lvclass:Message–cluster.ctl’ for queue data type.

    I wasn’t able to fix this by dropping the typedef into the accessor controls and classes private data element.

    Can you fix that?

    best regards

    1. Fabiola De la Cueva Avatar

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for using DQMH. If you don’t mind, please post your question at the Delacor Toolkits forum

      There we can go into more detail share code and there are more people active in that community who can help you as well.


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